Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Hollywood is a place where two big hits can take you from intern to executive, and one flop can take you from executive to the guy who polishes Steven Spielberg's dental floss. So people in the industry usually play it safe by making James Bond or Batman sequels.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Reggae is a musical genre that's a a little too focused on two themes. Namely, Jamaica and ganja. It's like reggae musicians are always intent on proving that they like those two things. Every day Damien Marley gets up and thinks, "People need to know. People need to know that I'm still pro-marijuana and pro-Jamaica. I should write another song about those topics, and add it to the 432 songs I've already written about them."


Have you ever watched two people playing Scrabble? They take that game way too seriously. They always act like they're engaged in a battle for world domination. Uh. Buddy. Lighten up. You're playing a game whose main objective it to spell the words
quizzify and oxyphenbutazone.

Scrabble is somewhat ridiculous game. But I will say this. It's s tougher game than it seems. You're always salivating over the possibility of using a Q or an X on a triple letter and triple word score. But what you usually end up doing is spelling one of two words: it or at. Scrabble is just a nonstop flood of its and ats--and then every once in a while, you spell ox. And you look at your opponent and say, "Yeah! Take that, bro! I saw the O, and I was smart enough to put an X there!"

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick became head coach of the Patriots in 2000. That year, they finished 5-11. Since then, they've had 16 straight winning seasons, including five Super Bowl wins! As far as I'm concerned, that means Coach Belichick should be the most arrogant and condescending person in the world. I actually get annoyed when he shakes the hand of an opposing coach after a game. He should punch that coach in the face.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Supermarket Sales

Supermarkets put stuff on sale. You go into a supermarket intending to buy Cheerios. And then Safeway is like, "No. That's not gonna happen. You're gonna buy Special K." "Says who?" "Says the fact that Special K is on sale at three boxes for $8, and Cheerios is $27.99. And that's with a club card. Without a club card, a box of Cheerios is $300." Keep in mind that Safeway does this for no reason at all. It's not a marketing strategy. How is that a marketing strategy? It's clearly a stupidity strategy. It accomplishes nothing, aside from making you, me, and Safeway much way more stupider. is a site where you always come across a review that says, "If I could give this 0 stars, I would." Every single Amazon reviewer has left at least four reviews that say, "If I could give this 0 stars, I would." When they're writing a review, Amazon asks them, "How would you rate this book, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars?" And the reviewer thinks, "Who the hell are you to demand a minimum of 1 star?! 1 star implies that I don't hate this book with every fiber of my being. 0 stars!"

Amazon is also the number one retailer on the internet. They do over $100 billion a year in sales. People shop at Amazon because it's convenient. But on the other hand, sometimes you go to Amazon to buy something like a printer, and it takes you three and a half hours to figure out which printer you should buy, because there are 387 options in your price range, and when you browse through the reviews, every printer has some reviews that are all like, "If I could give this printer 0 stars, I would. You better not buy this piece of garbage printer. If you do, I'll come to your house and kick your ass."

People also shop at Amazon because most of the prices are good. On the other hand, a lot of the items that cost $3.99 to $8.99 at Amazon can also be found at your local 99 Cent Store. And guess how much those items cost at the 99 Cent Store? 99 Cents. And sometimes you can find the same item on eBay for about the same price, postpaid. Which is very confusing. If you want an HDMI cable, you can buy one on Amazon for $6, you can buy one at the 99 Cent Store for 99 cents, and there's some dude on eBay who will send you eight of them from Taiwan for $1.33 total. How is the eBay guy not losing money on that deal?

Pro Wrestling

Pro wrestling is a sport where the actual sport is not enough. The wrestlers don't just wrestle each other. There's a backstory about how John Cena's wife slept with Triple H's gardener, and The Rock's identical twin brother Cornelius cheated at ping pong against Stone Cold Steve Austin. In other words, the WWE is a lot like a soap opera. A soap opera for men. Basically, here's what it comes down to. Men love soap operas--as long as the women in the soap opera are half naked, and the men are beating each other senseless 95% of the time. Men like any program that fits that description. If The View and General Hospital and Sesame Street had way more fighting and way more half naked women, millions of men would watch those shows, too.