Saturday, February 11, 2017


Have you ever watched two people playing Scrabble? They take that game way too seriously. They always act like they're engaged in a battle for world domination. Uh. Buddy. Lighten up. You're playing a game whose main objective it to spell the words
quizzify and oxyphenbutazone.

Scrabble is somewhat ridiculous game. But I will say this. It's s tougher game than it seems. You're always salivating over the possibility of using a Q or an X on a triple letter and triple word score. But what you usually end up doing is spelling one of two words: it or at. Scrabble is just a nonstop flood of its and ats--and then every once in a while, you spell ox. And you look at your opponent and say, "Yeah! Take that, bro! I saw the O, and I was smart enough to put an X there!"

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